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Data Services

Mergers, acquisitions and marketplace changes present significant challenges for the technology environment at many communications companies. Celeritas can help your company migrate, consolidate and integrate critical data that is dispersed throughout your organization.

Examples of our experience providing data services to telecom companies include:

  • Design, architecture, construction, testing, and implementation of Unified Data Model for a major wireless provider. The data model became the blueprint enabling several disparate systems to share a common repository of information, resulting in considerable cost savings and enhanced data integrity within various groups.

    This system utilized ColdFusion, Tru64 Unix, HTML, Microsoft Project, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Database technology.
  • A communications company wanted to replicate data from a legacy UNIX system to an Operational Data Store / Information Warehouse in Oracle. Requirements also included documenting business rules of the legacy system, validating system integrity, enabling ad-hoc reporting from the replicated data set, and providing access to the data set for use in the Operational Data Store / Information Warehouse.

    This project utilized Microsoft Project, Oracle Designer, Oracle Reports, Oracle PL/SQL Cartridge, Sun Solaris and Oracle Database technology.
  • A large communication company's on-line billing application was experiencing significant performance problems and long outage periods. Celeritas was asked to utilize our 360 degree approach in evaluating the application, infrastructure and network, and to provide an unbiased perspective. Our goal was to identify, document and make recommendations in an effort to resolve several issues.

    The technology environment included Microsoft SQL Server, BEA WebLogic, Netscape Web Server, UNIX Scripting and Microsoft Windows NT.

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